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Sfé Monster and I finished our Star Wars animation! It was quite the collaboration, and a lot of work, and wow it was a lot of fun! We’ll be submitting it to Empire Uncut soon!

Here’s a breakdown of who did what:

R2D2 In the Hall
• Background: Sfé
• R2: Kory 
Door Opening
• Background: Kory
• Leia and Lando: Kory
• Chewie/C3PO and R2D2: Sfé
Slave I Taking Off
• Background: Kory
• Slave I: Sfé
Leia’s Face
• Background: Sfé
• Lando’s silhouette: Sfé
• Leia: Kory
Last Shot
• Background: Sfé 
• Leia and Lando: Sfé
• Chewie, R2, and the Stormtrooper: Kory