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You can’t reply publicly to fanmail so I did the ol’ “take a screenshot and post it” way of answering this because I want to answer this for all to read!
All my medallions (Sphinx, Bugbear, White Stag, Nixie, Gryphon, and Nemean Lion)
All my acrylic charms (Michelle, Merial (big and small), Jim, Blanche, Jon, Lorne, Greg, and Eleanor)
The rest of my sketchbooks! I’m not sure how many of each I have left of these, but I grabbed all the rest of them I have so there will be a handful of each I’m sure
BRAND NEW BOOK - Nixie Spit and Other Stories. A collection of all the short Skin Deep comics
Borogove decks!
Gryphon stickers!
Little tiny custom sketch cards!
Buttons! So many buttons
Borogove posters, if I can find a way to get them there (these might not happen)
What I WON’T have at SPX:
Orientations books
Exchanges books
I am out of the POD versions of both of these stories, and since I’m doing a Kickstarter for a for-real print run of them, I didn’t want to buy more! So I’m just going to wait until I get the new runs of these books before I sell them at cons again. Oh well! Sorry East Coasters who wanted to buy those!
And that’s what I’m selling at SPX!