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Exchanges has been funded! Yippee!! And there’s a week left to go!
I’ve introduced a stretch goal! If $20,000 is raised, I can also get a run of the FIRST Skin Deep book, Orientations, printed!
Orientations is a full-color, 160 page, 6”x9” book! It has been available before via Print-on-Demand, but an offset print run will make the book both prettier and cheaper! I’ve wanted this for a long time!
All pledges over $100 will get Orientations automatically if the stretch goal is made! All other pledges can get a copy of the book if they add $20 to their current pledge level. If the stretch goal ISN’T met, then your pledge will default to a pledge of equivalent value.
Example: If you’ve selected the $20 Queen Anne’s Books pledge and added $20 for a copy of Orientations, but the stretch goal isn’t met, then your pledge will turn into the $40 Rose Café pledge, and you’ll get everything in THAT pledge level! It’s a win/win!
So let’s keep this momentum going! Let’s get this thing up to $20,000!